Welcome to EchoLan’s online Pub Quiz..

The Quiz will be hosted on a Youtube Live Stream, with Google Forms setup for your answer sheets. Make sure to get your teams together and enter before 7.00PM on the night of the quiz.

Time: 7.30PM till LATE

Sign Up Form HERE

Tune into the Live Stream HERE

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Not sure how to get started with our online Pub Quiz? It’s easy! 1. Get together a team, we recommend around 4 players, but you can play with as few or as many as you like

  1. Work out a way you can all communicate during the quiz, a Facebook Group Call, Discord or Zoom call seems to work best. Or just get your Bubble Buddies together in the lounge.

  2. Sign your team up on THIS FORM!

  3. Select somebody who will fill in the answer sheets on behalf of your team. It’s easier if this is managed by one person.

  4. At 7.30PM, jump on your call, and make sure everybody can view the Youtube Live Stream - for some this may be easier with a second device like a laptop or tablet. Or if you have a AppleTV / Chromecast - you can transmit it to your TV.

  5. Your QuizMasters (Robert and Kiwi) will be online at 7.30PM to give you a rundown via YouTube, the quiz will officially start shortly after this. You can chat to them using the Youtube chat on the right hand side of the page.

There are 6 sections to the quiz, and below are answer forms for each section.

  1. Movie Mask
  2. Science & Nature
  3. Sport
  4. People & Places
  5. Over the Moon
  6. The Colour of Song